Linda McMahon Fires Wrestler For Her Political Career

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Linda McMahon Fires Wrestler For Her Political Career

Post by SoVi3t » Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:01 am

So yeah, recently the WWE let go of Bryan Danielson, due to him choking Justin Roberts with a tie. Apparantly Linda's campaign manager (she is running for a senate seat) thought it would be bad for her career, and could be compared to Chris Benoit killing his family (I guess breaking peoples arms/legs with sledgehammers, or throwing them off the top of steel cages, OR PEOPLE GETTING RUN OVER WITH CARS IN THE NEXT SHOW, is all tame by comparison).

here's the email that's been sent out anonymously:
"To whom it may concern;

I am a campaign worker for the Linda McMahon Senate campaign in Stamford, CT and I wanted to pass this information along to you. I am not a "fan" of Mrs. McMahon's family business by any means but I also do not like to see people's livelihoods taken away because of someone's political ambitions.

In regards to the released performer Daniel Brian this decision was made by Mr. David Cappiello the new campaign manager for Mrs. McMahon. After viewing the video of an incident of someone being choked and spat on Mr. Cappiello advised the campaign this could have very negative repurcussions to the campaign as a whole.

It was his decision that many in the media would use this against Mrs. McMahon in her campaign because of it's violent nature and it would bring up memories of the Chris Benoit tragedy which the campaign has tried very hard to distance itself from. He also felt it would significantly hurt her stance on family values to be associated with a product marketed towards children that allowed it's performers to openly spit in the faces of one another. It was this decision that led to the performer being released to show the media that Mrs. McMahon does not tolerate or approve of such behavior.

I am sending this to you from a temporary e-mail address. I will not answer further questions I just thought the truth should be put out there and not this rampant speculation. You can chose to print this or not, I leave that entirely to you."

oh, and to anybody who saw Raw this week: ... atwist.png

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Post by cYnical » Fri Jun 18, 2010 12:13 am

That email is such bullshit. Fake as hell.

Plus, I think this is all a work.
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