Thanks for the triple fucking aneurism, Pats

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Thanks for the triple fucking aneurism, Pats

Post by lionheart » Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:17 am

I just watched one of the best and most irritating, scary games ever. Brady looked like dogshit until the mid 3rd quarter, and then became Jesus in Cleats redux.

The defense was horrific, but held tight when it mattered and made up for losing last year's Defensive ROY in the first half (and replacing him with complete Fuhgowees).

I'm fairly certain my heart completely stopped at least 3 times in this game.

Thoughts moving forward:
1. Pats aren't that good. Better than the first couple quarters tonight, but calm the fuck down on this 13-3 Super Bowl business for now. Until their defense either gels or is shot like a wounded horse, I'm looking at 10-6.
2. Folks with Brady don't have to shit themselves. The offensive line picked up their play as the game went on, and 12 started firing missiles all over the place. I have no idea who was playing quarterback in the first 3 quarters. I'm pretty sure it was Jeff Hostetler.
3. It's not humanly possible to lack sympathy for Bill fans. Their team had the Pats by the short and curlies and choked the shit out of this game.
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Post by SoVi3t » Tue Sep 15, 2009 5:48 pm

That game was fucking hilarious. Much better than watching my Browns come out somewhat decent vs Favre and the Vikings.

Our defence looked decent, and it was a nice 3-3 score...then it all went downhill. The worst part was I was in the middle of moving into my new place, and every time I went near a tv, the score was suddenly much much worse.

And that awful INT that brady quinn threw made me want to put a boot through my tv screen.

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