Sons of Anarchy

My only wish is that TBS becomes the "Roadhouse" channel... then the circle will be complete
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Sons of Anarchy

Post by Zytorg777 » Mon Oct 28, 2013 1:06 pm

I had heard about this show for years, finally started getting into it....definitly an epic show. Worth a watch. Better than Agents of shield for sure.

I am midway through second season (it is on netflix and xbmc) and I am into it more than I was Breaking Bad, and maybe even that is saying something.

do yourself a favor, and peep the high drama/action. Excellent timing, as well as plot development.

the only downside is that Ron Perlman looks like he escaped the planet of the apes, suffered a head injury, had amnesia, and became a biker, forgetting that he was to advance the cause of his primate overlords on the homeworld.
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