write your own greater than movie script in 15 minutes

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write your own greater than movie script in 15 minutes

Post by Zytorg777 » Fri Apr 26, 2013 2:55 pm

Die gave me the idea.

The new Ninta turtles vs Predator

The Turtles have been hanging out and maintaining training for a minute now, but since the foot has long since passed they have yearned secretly for a fight. On the plus side, they are now "adults" and more mature (except mikey). Also on the plus side, their skills have increased tremendously. They occaisionaly go above ground to stop petty crime without taking credit, but this too remains without a challenge.

Fast forward to an invisible ship crashing into the new york harbor. When the police arrive to search it, they are murdered viciously by an invisible source. More and more bodies rack up, and this news finally reaches the turtles. They decide to investigate and are certain it has to be gang/mob violence. on thier way to a shady/drug den they are unaware that the predator is watching them. He sees them take out the gang and is impressed. He sees "game" worth hunting. He follows them back to their layer and makes a note of their whereabouts.

Fast forward to a now very old master splinter sitting in meditation, when the wind blows his candles out and his eyes open. the predator is there but invisible. splinter knows. cue an awesome fight sequence from splinter doing all he can to fight the predator, but the predator ultimately kills splinter ( i am thinking he takes his head for a trophy).

the turtles arrive and find the carnage. they reason that they are in big trouble. as they are searching the sewers the predator attacks and they realize that he has a cloak. Leonardo also recieves a predator spear into his stomach, and is injured. the predator escapes.

montage of leonardo healing himself and forcing himself to train. Rapheal screaming and smashing stuff, mikey "growing up" in some way, and Don meticulously working out some sort of machine to detect the predator.

fast forward to the final battle.....I see the city above ground in the pouring rain. I see the turtles afraid and angry. I see an epic clash, and the predator finally dying. Part of me wants to see the predator kill one or two of the turtles, but I cant decide which.

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