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Forum Rules

Post by $nave » Sat Jan 03, 2004 6:19 am

Welcome to Teh Style Guide: Teh Mercedes Benz of message boards. If you follow the rules, you will most definitely enjoy your stay here. Now, I'm sure you may want to know what these important rules are so here they are....

Rule #1: Thou shall not post spam, or thou shall be stricken with "teh ass cancer"

Well, there you have it...The only rule here is to not post spam. So, you have the perfect pill to make us have huge cocks? Well, we already have huge cocks. The point here is that most message boards are moderated by weepy hatchet wounds who take themselves too seriously. This is basically utopia for those of us who wish to speak our minds in an uncensored envoirment.

In other words, fuck Nazi-mods.